Advantages of being a member

As  AEGEE-Tenerife memberm you may play all AEGEE events at European and local level. Enjoy travel in Spain and Europe organized by AEGEE antennas, you can apply the famous Summer Universities, and best of all, you can create, organize and collaborate on projects designed by and for ourselves!

Perhaps most usually like that is “introduced” in AEGEE is the fact more people meet people and a lot of places, make friends, travel, parties .. but also learn more and get involved in issues that interest you.

  • Be informed of all activities organized by AEGEE AEGEE-Tenerife and across Europe.
  • Participate in all European events you want.
  • Take part on Summer Universities.
  • Participate in trade we do with other sites.
  • Being the organizer of the events and activities organized by AEGEE-Tenerife..
  • And many more things that you will discover!

AEGEE is a partnership between volunteers and therefore your help as an active member (local or European level) is always welcome, being a member implies no obligation, just pay the annual fee. Hesitate and do not see this experience!

How to become a member

The only requirement for membership is to want to live, feel, act and be between 18 and 30 years of age, whether you study, work or do both.

1 Fill in these forms of  AEGEE-Tenerife and AEGEE-Europa.
2 Make payment of the annual membership fee (24 € from January 1 to December 31) or six months (12 € if you pay from 1 July)

  • For transfer or deposit in our account CajaCanarias::
    2065 0067 68 1400415208
  • In the concept specify: FEE and your full name..
Once we verify your payment and your two forms, validate your registration. At that point, you will be officially member of AEGEE-Tenerife and you can take advantage of all the activities and events of AEGEE across Europe.

If you have any doubts or problems, please contact us.